Barteldes, Hartig Building

barteldesviaductdoorDoor to Nowhere?

Looking across from the Tattered Cover, once the Chester S. Morey Mercantile building, reveals a similar “door to nowhere” outside of the Barteldes Seed building. These doors would have connected over the viaduct system on 16th street. The viaducts were used to easily transport goods to and from Union Station.

Changing Hands

The Barteldes Seed Co. was partnered a few times, in different instances with Frederick Barteldes, Luthar Hartig and Theodore Barteldes. It was Theodore that moved the business to the warehouse on 16th Street after many partner changes, selling seeds, hay and feed.


Architects Aaron Gove and Thomas Walsh are well known for their work. Not only did they craft the Barteldes Building, but also the C.S. Morey Mercantile Building, across 16th Street, as well as the Sugar Building and the Littleton Creamery.


–Brittany Peshek


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