Brecht Candy Building

A Real Jawbreaker

Brecht derives from brechen, which means to break. Another definition means to “throw up, as in stomach contents.” Hmmm. Candy that breaks things (like teeth) and can cause you to throw up. No wonder they’re no longer around! Seriously, at their peak, Brecht Candy was known worldwide for their quality confections producing between 3-5 million pounds a year.

Vess this treat we’re about to eat!

Sold in 1952, to Mr. Franklin M. Vess, Vess had served in the Air Force in World War II and was stationed right over at Denver’s own Lowry Air Force Base. Vess relocated his family from Nashville, TN to oversee operations.

The Art of Salvage

During the building of Coors Field, State archeologists salvaged the long closed off basements of the Acme Upholstery Company and Spring-air Mattress factory. While nothing of extreme value was discovered, many of the “found” items have been woven into a mural along the 15th Street underpass.

No Joke!

Brecht Candy Building should not, however, to be confused with the Brach Confections Building in Chicago. That building was destroyed by the Joker in The Dark Knight as the Gotham Hospital.

The Dark Knight (2008)

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