Denver City Railway Building

A Rose by Any Other name…

Like many buildings in LoDo, the architecture, the Denver City Railway Building has gone through many owners and many name changes. It has also been known as the Sheridan Heritage Building, the Hendrie and Boltoff Building and, mostly recently, the Sheridan Lofts. Additionally, the streets have also changed names over the years. Most of the names streets were either letters or numbers. Originally, this corner of 17th and Wazee was H Street and Wazee.

Park it!

Parking has always been a sore subject in the LoDo area. In 2000, it became the source of a scandal between two rival parking companies. One, using political ties, had bids thrown out from another long standing company, even though those bids were better. This resulted in a lawsuit that ended up costing the city more money than had they originally accepted the bid in the first place. This is why I take the Lightrail.

Breaking up is less hard to do…

Bradford Publishing, a tenant of the building, was instrumental in establishing parenting after divorce protocols that were adopted by the state. In 1999, they published a series of pamphlets and booklets about how to help keep children from being dragged into the war between their parents. Many divorce judges chose to give these information packages to couples instead of forcing court ordered mandates.









Denver Firsts – Shredded Wheat

Henry Perky wasn’t so perky after eating most foods, due to a digestive issue. In 1893, he found that he could, however, digest steamed wheat easily. So he invented a machine that pressed boiled wheat into biscuits. John Kellogg, while visiting Denver, suggested that it might make a dandy cereal. So Perky patented the idea, got rich, and was perky again.


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