Henry Lee Building

Crown Hill Park

Henry Lee

An Iowa boy originally, Henry Lee came to Colorado to help his brother William run a farm and a business. He may have just ran messages and vegetables in those days, but had a yearning for politics.

When serving, he represented Jefferson County in the House of Representatives Third Assembly, serving two terms in the State Senate for the Fifth and Sixth Assemblies.

He is also known as the father of the Denver park system. His work while in office consisted of creating parks, including the current Denver’s City Park.

Henry’s involvement in irrigation and water-related problems in Denver led to the creation of Denver’s first pumping station and the founding of the Agriculture Ditch Company.

Henry Lee was a partner in the Pioneer Seed Company of Denver, also owning Henry Lee’s Seed and Farm Implements. He built the Henry Lee Building where he sold seeds and farm equipment.

On March 11, 1914, Henry Lee fell victim of one of Denver’s first auto-pedestrian accidents. He died on March 24 from his injuries, and was buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.


–Brittany Peshek



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