Merchandise Mart

One Stop Warehousing

The Merchandise Mart opened in 1931 with just two businesses; H.M. Duer Manufacturing Company – upholsterers and Peck & Hill Furniture Company, but 1934, it was the location for corporate offices. Their names read like a check-out at the groceries: Anheuser Busch Beer, Pillsbury Flour, Hills Bros Coffee, and Morton Salt. Ultimately, one of the tenants, Rocky Mountain Warehouse Co. is the name the building wears toda

Another Brick on the Wazee

Wazee is a street of Denver firsts. In 1888, Denver saw both its first school and first brewery at 16th and Wazee. (Talk about your kids driving you to drink!) Denver’s first brick house was built on this famous street in 1902. As fires became more common, allbuildings on this street went brick, opening up a new avenue of business. (avenue… get it?)’







My, Oh, Mayan!

Montana Fallis was a world-renown architect (not, an archeologist, as one would expect.) In addition to designing the Merchandise Mart, he also designed the Oxford Hotel Annex and the Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church. But probably the most known of his buildings in Denver has to be the 1929 Mayan Theater, still in use today. His love of Terracotta and Art Deco are evident in its style.

Nama-Lama and a Ding-Dong

Controversial developer Allan S. Reiver, who tried to turn 55 acres at Broadway and I-25 into a $500 million mixed-use project, once owned 1863 Wazee, but lost it in the housing crash of 1990. Called the Century Court building at that time, Ray and Pearl Shames took the deed in lieu of foreclosure. The name was changed to the Beebe & Runyan Building before finally taking on the name of The Rocky Mountain Warehouse Lofts. Another controversy happened when Loft residents protested the building of an eight-story parking garage built directly behind them. The group’s acronym was NAMA for “Not Across My Alley!”


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