St. Elmo Hotel

Hotel History

When St Elmo was built it joined the plethora of grand and small hotels clustered in lower downtown to serve railroad travelers. Hotels provided a haven for the weary traveler, railroad workers, and the local populace looking for a place to get away from their everyday home life.

St Elmo History

St. Elmo was built in 1896. It was a modest offering that was only two blocks from the railroad and advertised as “less expensive,” the St Elmo catered to railway workers and passengers looking for more reasonable accommodations. This hotel had three stories and a basement.


St Elmo remained a hotel well into the 20th century, and then stood vacant for a number of years. When it was renovated in the 1980’s the buildings first floor façade was removed and garden-level windows were built in. Over the years it has housed oil firms, small businesses and law firms.

Typical of the construction of western towns, the St Elmo hotel began as a frame building and was replaced by brick and stone to resist the ever-present threat of fire.



-Miranda Lowe


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