Windsor Dairy

Fore legs?

The location of the original Windsor Dairy Farm is now a popular golf community. A very detailed history of the land and its uses, from the Old West until now can be found here:

Buddy? Can you spare a dime for some cheese?

Before WWII, Windsor Dairy sold a carton of cottage cheese for $.09 and a quart of milk for $.16. You can’t get a glass of milk for that these days. The new Windsor Dairy, in Windsor, CO, is a completely organic dairy, returning milk to its roots.

Gas Problem

During WWII, gas was so scarce, many businesses, including Windsor Dairy, reverted to horse power. The stables inside were reclaimed for equestrian needs. The horses became so well trained, it is said by former employees, that they would stop automatically at the right location. Who needs smart cars when one has smart horses?

The Governator in Denver?

In 2013, the block’s owner Grand America Inc. and Loveland developer McWhinney launched plans to once again, redevelop the area containing the Windsor Dairy Building. The design includes office, retail and multifamily residences. Both McWhinney and Grand America have been instrumental in the renovation of Lodo, however, back in its early stages, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger put in a bid for the block before his bid for Governor of California.


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