Tweak Central

This week there were some interesting hurdles with buildAR, but our efforts have been relentless. BuildAR has been undergoing updates and maintenance periods but we have taken every hurdle with grace. Any information or image that was lost with the update was quickly added again.

This week has been all about adjusting images positions, sizes and locations to ensure that our project works and looks the way we want it to. We hope to do more on site testing to see how everything works in real time at the locations. In addition we are making final revisions to our blog posts to make the history of our buildings appealing and interesting.

We have been very determined to get this project working the way we had in mind. Our project presentation is still a work in progress.


Testing Week

This week we attempted to test some of the LoDo Destinations in real time. We were able to view a couple of the buildings augmented through our smartphones and see where we need to do some tweaking (resizing of images, image placement, etc.) We did run into a hurdle while doing this, but everything is up and running again! We will continue to test the locations over the weekend as well as next week.

Additionally, we are now in the process of creating our presentation of our learning experience with augmented reality and its relevance to history. We aim to show how history through augmented reality can entice the public, allowing for history to be preserved and valued.

Good week

We really made breakthroughs using BuildAR this week. It finally feels like we’re controlling it, not the other way around. Everyone made progress on their pages and it felt good to start putting all our research into the form that will be read by our target audience. We’re gathering tons of great FYIs and DYKs? After out post last week, a decent of Soapy Smith himself, Jeff Smith, contacted us to give us more deets on his famous (re: infamous) relative. I’ve read his book on Soapy for another class and highly recommend it. t

We’re going to test our work next week and see how it looks in practice. We’re getting down to the do-or-die, less than a month to go until we unveil or project to Sophie at Historic Denver… and the world! (insert nefarious laugh here. Muwahahahaha!!!)